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Monday, October 15, 2007

Who knew Albert could RUN

Wide open. He seems to be getting younger by the day. He was having so much fun he didn't realize his back legs stopped running with his front! I ran after him trying to stop him or at least get his parts back in order but without missing a beat he got his rear end back up in the game and KEPT running. What a guy. Look out if I ever figure out how to post a video.

Albert is a kill.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Just Joking about the Happy Family

Does anyone have an in with the Dog Whisperer? We could use some help.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Albert Lookin Back !

Albert loved his his new home so much he became a bit to protective. The old guy will be spending his final days here with me. I am sorry for his new family as they loved him and are heartbroken. Rest assured, Albert is safe and loved.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Fat Albert

Albert is weighing it at 122 pounds! Although he is far from fat, he is looking fantastic. He is pictured below at 103 pounds and 118 pounds. I'll bug his new owners for an updated picture.
Here is his new sweet owners. This was the same day Albert weighed in at 118.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Not Lookin back !

With all my love...Go Albert Go.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Home for Albert

Fat Albert is doing very well at his new home. Their all in love. I try not to bug the folks that have him. I try to call only once a week. They have given me an open invitation to stop and see him but I do feel I need to stay away from Albert for a few months. Just to be fair to him and let him settle in with his new humans. I have stopped by once but am now going to stay away for a while. Strange how much I miss him. I have had about 15 foster dogs. All of them here with me longer than Albert was. One for almost 2 years...I have never bonded with any of them like I did Albert. I love him. I miss him....GOOFBALL

Sunday, July 1, 2007

So Far So Good

Albert is at his new home. I dropped him off on Thursday. I was going to wait until Friday as he had an upset tummy after his heartworm treatment and stay at the vet but....His new family could not stand to wait one more day to be with Albert. I have only called once (that's hard) but he is doing well. He is already looking better. I called to check on him but also wanted to remind them of the little problem about being left home with no humans. They understand and are prepared to deal with it. I offered a kennel but they are going to house the dogs in their very large garage while they are away. Albert has been all over town again this weekend. He was spotted at a ball game along with Alice my Katrina girl who found the most perfect owners a few months ago. I miss them both but am so happy. They were safe and loved with me but now are getting the much deserved attention they long for.

Alice has her forever home, lets hope Albert has found his.

Thanks to all of you who adopt these precious animals.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Albert Update

Albert went and stayed all night with a very nice family last week. He was returned the next day with the husband not wanting such a big dog...The husband called me Friday to see if Albert could spend the weekend with them HA HA. I have been hearing about Albert sightings all weekend. Sounds like he has been all over town with the family. I talked to the husband today and he says Alberts a pretty neat guy. I knew that.

I pick up Albert tonight to take him to Duluth for his heartworm treatment, he has to stay all night and I go back Tuesday to pick him up. I will update as soon as we get back.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Albert has Heartworm and Lymes

Albert was sick last week so I made an appointment for him at the Vet for yesterday. He was no longer sick with an upset tummy but I thought he should be checked over anyway. His weight gain has stopped and he is still a pretty skinny guy. He weighed in at 115. I was going to get him a lymes shot and heartworm medicine. His blood work came back positive for both. Albert started antibiotics last night for the lymes and will go back to Duluth next week for heartworm treatments. He is a pretty healthy old guy so I am hoping for the best. He was a star at the vets office...He could care less what the vet did to him as long as she gave him treats.
Nala and Roggy tested negative...
Nala is now 15 months and 126 petite pounds.
Roggie is 3.5 years and still about 10 pounds heavy at 135. Roggy goes back for another thyroid panel in a couple weeks to see if his medicine should be increased.
My dogs never get junk food. Yesterday they had 4 McDonald's burgers each.
Keep your fingers crossed for our "Fat Albert"

Thursday, June 14, 2007


New bumper stickers, t-shirts and coffee mugs. On line soon.
e-mail me

Adopt a Dog

Animal advocates has 3 local dogs we hope to re home. I will take applications for the possible adoption of "Fat Albert". Our plan is to make this an educational day for local animal lovers.
We are kicking off our spay/neuter campaign with a photo contest. The winning pup will replace Roggies pic on all new merchandise.
Send me a photo !

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Albert feeling GREAT

Albert's appetite is back. He is eagerly finishing his 2 meals a day. Each day he is here with us he is becoming more comfortable. I am able to leave him home alone without him panicking. I only leave him when I am close by working on the property so the longest has been about 3 hours. I tell him to stay on his couch when I leave and when I get back he is still on the couch waiting for me. I have even caught him sleeping. He is a GREAT guy, just going to take him a month or so to settle into a new home.

Monday, May 28, 2007

I love Albert

The more time I spend with Albert the less I can understand someone giving him up, someone neglecting him. He is the sweetest goofiest guy ever. He is older, he is a bit stiff in his movements,his lips are uneven, he has only a few teeth, his inner eyelids are covering his eyeballs, his ears are...unique. He sleeps in a ball with his front paws over his head. He plays as hard as he can with my girl Nala. He falls down often and gets right back up to gum and chomp at her more.
I love Albert

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Albert is settling in pretty well these days. He stayed in a kennel in town for two days so I could get moved back in to home and work. He was so glad to see me...I don't want to ever do that to him again. Next stop, a permanent home. Roggy wasn't so happy when we picked him up, but they are getting along. I still control every moment they are together. I feel bad not having enough time for the skinny guy. He is very obediant and just wants to please. Things just went crazy up my way in the last month. 2 cooks quit and then the fires. I am about a month behind on plumbing projects so needless to say, the dogs get neglected. They still go everywhere I do but play and training time is limited.
He is safe and loved while searching for a new home.
I will try and get some new pics. Albert has slowed down gaining weight. He is no longer finishing his food. He still needs to gain 15 more pounds or so. I am going to try some different food today.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Albert is back

Good thing I have not had time to update this blog about Alberts new great home. I went and picked him up last night. I guess home visits should never be waived before rehoming a foster.
Albert loved the 2 dogs the people brought with them when they met Albert. Albert did not love the male dog living in the same home. Albert is a bit short in the teeth department but he is not afraid to utilize the few he has.I had no idea they were living with other people ,with a dog. Albert is now staying in at a kennel in town.
Today we have counseling for evacuees at my place and hope to open back up Friday morning.
Animal Advocates is going to loan me a dog run and as soon as I can get that picked up and constructed,I will bring my "Fat Albert " home. Albert has only 2 issues but right now they are impossible for me to deal with. One is my boy Rottie and the other is being left home alone.
Albert needs to be with a human, in a house. He is a sweet tender lover.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Albert has a home!

I will give details later when things calm down around here.
I miss him already. What a great guy.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Can't We All Just Get Along

Albert-Little Boy-Roggy

Albert, The Turn Key Foster

He may be a perfect guy. He is sweet, smart, obedient, loving, playful, house trained,car trained, loves all people, puts up with cats and most other dogs. No other dogs or a female would be best. He loves to play with Nala.

Three people that met Albert yesterday were interested in him. He's a lover! He needs to be someones best buddy. He deserves to be.

Fat Albert is ready to find his forever home. He still needs to put on more weight but that will come with time.

Albert has some pretty funny sleeping habits. Below is one example.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Da Boys. Sleeping angels.
Neither boy is "aggressive". They are not sure how to react to each others enthusiasm. I bought a nylon muzzle for Albert so we can all start spending more awake time together. Roggy will not hurt Albert. Don't worry! I hope to teach them to stop responding to each other. Albert trusts me more everyday so this should get easier. We shall see.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Albert Feeling Better

Albert is playing, running and acting very goofy! He and Nala play well together and run side by side WIDE OPEN. I am keeping Roggy and he separated as much as possible. I make sure I have Albert on a very short leash when we are all going in and out. In the house I pretty much stay between them all the time. With the busy season coming it looks like I am going to need a chain link kennel for Albert. He can be with me allot but not with Roggy at work so we need a safe place for him to to be. I hope to find him a new place to stay or live so he does not have to be left home alone.
All the dogs are feeling better and the coughing is finally going away. Still lots of sneezing going on. ICK.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Albert and Rogger Not Budddies

Albert and Rogger decided not to get along today. Albert will be needing a new home sooner that I wanted. The best would be a home with female dogs or submissive males. Rogger is not submissive...He minds very well thank goodness. Albert gets along with my cat and my female Dane very well. Albert minds very well, rides in the car perfectly but can not be left home alone uncrated. He has a bit of separation anxiety. This may pass with time and training.
Can you foster Albert?
Can you give Albert a forever home?
Call or e-mail Sarah

Sweet Albert

Albert is doing well. He has gained 5 pounds and is settling in very well. All of my dogs have kennel cough and are on antibioics. Alberts is worse than than the others and we are watching him vey close. He is such a good, sweet boy.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Sick Dogs

Albert is doing very well. Other than his coughing and sneezing. Roggy, August, Arlo amd Lady are now coughing to. Everyone goes to the vet today.
The dogs have kennel cough and are going to be ok. Antibiotics to be on the safe side.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Can you find the tennis ball..

Alberts getting goofy. Skinny funny looking guy wants to play.

Day 8

Pretty boy relaxing. Finally...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Alberts Guest Book

Say hello to Albert. Leave a message by clicking on comments.

Day 6

So have you ever tried on everything you own to find out nothing fits. And then you throw a fit.
Well it happened. All of my clean cloths thrown on the floor. Albert loved it. Needless to say they are no longer clean.
Albert had a good day. His swelling around his incision is getting better. He is still eating well.
He is still coughing and sneezing and now my baby Roggy is coughing also. Dang it!
I think we go to the vet Monday. Still waiting for a final call.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Day 5

Day 5
Albert made it through the night. I checked on him all night long. He ate well this morning and is out wandering in his new 1/2 acre yard.
Today is starting out to be a good day.
As you can see, Alberts inner eyelids are hindering his sight. We will deal with his eyelids once he is strong and healthy.

Day 2

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Day 2

103 pounds.

A jump ahead...I am starting this blog a few days after getting Albert. I will move the post when and if I figure out how. Today is Thursday.
Albert had a good day. Other than I tried to leave him alone for 2 hours in the house....He tore the door apart along with the doorknob. He was to active for a freshly neutered guy. But tonight he is bleeding. Droplets. But bleeding. He is shaking all over. All 4 legs, his entire body. He has been draining from day one but today I see blood. The incision looks good with a small opening at the rear. I wish the vet would call me back! If not by AM(Friday) I will call Duluth to my vet and take him next week. ASAP

Day 1

Here is Albert the first day I brought him home. As bad as this looks, his colors hide the worst of it in pictures. His back legs look weak while actually, all of his legs are weak.

Albert 103 pounds.

Albert rode home in a 4 door pickup with a 140 pound Rottweiler and a 110 pound Dane. Oh and me and never complained once. Our first stop was McDonald's....150 miles 6 hours with stops. He hung his head out the window the entire time. He saw his first moose that day. When we finally got home. I fed the dogs. I assumed we may be up in the night with loose stools from Albert. McDonald's, new food, new environment car ride ect. Albert went up the stairs to our bedroom, laid on his new doggie bed at 9:30 pm. Albert slept all through the night. I woke him up at 9:00 am the next day. He was very happy to go out but boy is this guy housetrained!

Ok so I was worried about bringing a new dog home. I have a few, and a cat. Albert gets along with EVERYBODY!

Albert Starts Over

This is the story of Albert. A senior brindle Great Dane that was dumped at an animal shelter. Thanks to the great folks at the shelter, a breed rescue group was called. They called me. I went to see Albert to find out if he got along with other dogs. When I saw him, found out he was not dog aggressive. I put him in my truck with my Rottweiler and Great Dane and brought him home. Albert had been neglected. Albert had been neglected and as a result starved.

If Albert survives all of his troubles . We will be looking for a forever home for him.

This is the story of Albert...."Fat Albert"