Thursday, May 31, 2007

Albert feeling GREAT

Albert's appetite is back. He is eagerly finishing his 2 meals a day. Each day he is here with us he is becoming more comfortable. I am able to leave him home alone without him panicking. I only leave him when I am close by working on the property so the longest has been about 3 hours. I tell him to stay on his couch when I leave and when I get back he is still on the couch waiting for me. I have even caught him sleeping. He is a GREAT guy, just going to take him a month or so to settle into a new home.

Monday, May 28, 2007

I love Albert

The more time I spend with Albert the less I can understand someone giving him up, someone neglecting him. He is the sweetest goofiest guy ever. He is older, he is a bit stiff in his movements,his lips are uneven, he has only a few teeth, his inner eyelids are covering his eyeballs, his ears are...unique. He sleeps in a ball with his front paws over his head. He plays as hard as he can with my girl Nala. He falls down often and gets right back up to gum and chomp at her more.
I love Albert

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Albert is settling in pretty well these days. He stayed in a kennel in town for two days so I could get moved back in to home and work. He was so glad to see me...I don't want to ever do that to him again. Next stop, a permanent home. Roggy wasn't so happy when we picked him up, but they are getting along. I still control every moment they are together. I feel bad not having enough time for the skinny guy. He is very obediant and just wants to please. Things just went crazy up my way in the last month. 2 cooks quit and then the fires. I am about a month behind on plumbing projects so needless to say, the dogs get neglected. They still go everywhere I do but play and training time is limited.
He is safe and loved while searching for a new home.
I will try and get some new pics. Albert has slowed down gaining weight. He is no longer finishing his food. He still needs to gain 15 more pounds or so. I am going to try some different food today.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Albert is back

Good thing I have not had time to update this blog about Alberts new great home. I went and picked him up last night. I guess home visits should never be waived before rehoming a foster.
Albert loved the 2 dogs the people brought with them when they met Albert. Albert did not love the male dog living in the same home. Albert is a bit short in the teeth department but he is not afraid to utilize the few he has.I had no idea they were living with other people ,with a dog. Albert is now staying in at a kennel in town.
Today we have counseling for evacuees at my place and hope to open back up Friday morning.
Animal Advocates is going to loan me a dog run and as soon as I can get that picked up and constructed,I will bring my "Fat Albert " home. Albert has only 2 issues but right now they are impossible for me to deal with. One is my boy Rottie and the other is being left home alone.
Albert needs to be with a human, in a house. He is a sweet tender lover.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Albert has a home!

I will give details later when things calm down around here.
I miss him already. What a great guy.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Can't We All Just Get Along

Albert-Little Boy-Roggy

Albert, The Turn Key Foster

He may be a perfect guy. He is sweet, smart, obedient, loving, playful, house trained,car trained, loves all people, puts up with cats and most other dogs. No other dogs or a female would be best. He loves to play with Nala.

Three people that met Albert yesterday were interested in him. He's a lover! He needs to be someones best buddy. He deserves to be.

Fat Albert is ready to find his forever home. He still needs to put on more weight but that will come with time.

Albert has some pretty funny sleeping habits. Below is one example.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Da Boys. Sleeping angels.
Neither boy is "aggressive". They are not sure how to react to each others enthusiasm. I bought a nylon muzzle for Albert so we can all start spending more awake time together. Roggy will not hurt Albert. Don't worry! I hope to teach them to stop responding to each other. Albert trusts me more everyday so this should get easier. We shall see.