Sunday, July 29, 2007

Not Lookin back !

With all my love...Go Albert Go.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Home for Albert

Fat Albert is doing very well at his new home. Their all in love. I try not to bug the folks that have him. I try to call only once a week. They have given me an open invitation to stop and see him but I do feel I need to stay away from Albert for a few months. Just to be fair to him and let him settle in with his new humans. I have stopped by once but am now going to stay away for a while. Strange how much I miss him. I have had about 15 foster dogs. All of them here with me longer than Albert was. One for almost 2 years...I have never bonded with any of them like I did Albert. I love him. I miss him....GOOFBALL

Sunday, July 1, 2007

So Far So Good

Albert is at his new home. I dropped him off on Thursday. I was going to wait until Friday as he had an upset tummy after his heartworm treatment and stay at the vet but....His new family could not stand to wait one more day to be with Albert. I have only called once (that's hard) but he is doing well. He is already looking better. I called to check on him but also wanted to remind them of the little problem about being left home with no humans. They understand and are prepared to deal with it. I offered a kennel but they are going to house the dogs in their very large garage while they are away. Albert has been all over town again this weekend. He was spotted at a ball game along with Alice my Katrina girl who found the most perfect owners a few months ago. I miss them both but am so happy. They were safe and loved with me but now are getting the much deserved attention they long for.

Alice has her forever home, lets hope Albert has found his.

Thanks to all of you who adopt these precious animals.