Sunday, June 24, 2007

Albert Update

Albert went and stayed all night with a very nice family last week. He was returned the next day with the husband not wanting such a big dog...The husband called me Friday to see if Albert could spend the weekend with them HA HA. I have been hearing about Albert sightings all weekend. Sounds like he has been all over town with the family. I talked to the husband today and he says Alberts a pretty neat guy. I knew that.

I pick up Albert tonight to take him to Duluth for his heartworm treatment, he has to stay all night and I go back Tuesday to pick him up. I will update as soon as we get back.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Albert has Heartworm and Lymes

Albert was sick last week so I made an appointment for him at the Vet for yesterday. He was no longer sick with an upset tummy but I thought he should be checked over anyway. His weight gain has stopped and he is still a pretty skinny guy. He weighed in at 115. I was going to get him a lymes shot and heartworm medicine. His blood work came back positive for both. Albert started antibiotics last night for the lymes and will go back to Duluth next week for heartworm treatments. He is a pretty healthy old guy so I am hoping for the best. He was a star at the vets office...He could care less what the vet did to him as long as she gave him treats.
Nala and Roggy tested negative...
Nala is now 15 months and 126 petite pounds.
Roggie is 3.5 years and still about 10 pounds heavy at 135. Roggy goes back for another thyroid panel in a couple weeks to see if his medicine should be increased.
My dogs never get junk food. Yesterday they had 4 McDonald's burgers each.
Keep your fingers crossed for our "Fat Albert"

Thursday, June 14, 2007


New bumper stickers, t-shirts and coffee mugs. On line soon.
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Adopt a Dog

Animal advocates has 3 local dogs we hope to re home. I will take applications for the possible adoption of "Fat Albert". Our plan is to make this an educational day for local animal lovers.
We are kicking off our spay/neuter campaign with a photo contest. The winning pup will replace Roggies pic on all new merchandise.
Send me a photo !